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After becoming a single mother overnight, I had to figure out how to create a full-time income for my 3 young children while still staying home with them. I refused to put them in daycare or even start a daycare. That’s when I discovered a third option, and I started a PRESCHOOL in my home instead. I quickly grew it into multiple locations, where I taught over 1,000 students and made $1.75 million before finally selling it.

I realized this preschool business model had the potential to bless millions of mothers’ lives, so I set out on my mission to share this message and bring the mothers home. As the founder and CEO of Preschool System, I've helped over 5,000 women create successful preschools… and I won’t stop until every mother in the world knows there IS a third option: she can start a PRESCHOOL... and I will help her!

Please click any of the resources below to help you on your preschool journey! We're here to support you during every milestone as you start, run, and grow your preschool!
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